TMR exists between an alternative art space and a series of research-driven, multi-faceted exhibition projects.

Our program is organized in rotating curatorial cycles that vary in structure, duration, and thematic focus. Each cycle is conceived as a world in its own right and as such is given shape by unique exhibitionary, experiential, and discursive forms and moments.

This approach allows the dreams and needs of our collaborators to guide what we do and how we do it—challenging us to constantly reimagine not just the ways contemporary art and other forms of creative expression are presented but also how they are produced and mediated to existing and future publics.

Committing sustained periods of inquiry to specific questions, contexts, and practices, facilitates our ability to produce original scholarship and to make meaningful contributions to the study and interpretation of art and culture.

Established in 2014, TMR operates from a renovated industrial warehouse along the Alameda Corridor at the southernmost edge of Downtown LA’s Arts District. The use of our physical venue changes according to each curatorial cycle. Its purpose however, remains constant—to be a dynamic nexus through which Los Angeles connects to people, places, and histories well beyond its confines.



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