GLOBAL INITIATIVE: The Hybrid Ideal - Artist Workshop
The Artist Business
09.22.2017 | 3-5pm


Organized by Jim Walters (certified public accountant) and Daniel McClean (art lawyer) the Artist Business event will address key business and professional issues for artists in running their practices. It will offer artists and their studio staff an overview of core accounting, tax, law, bookkeeping and insurance strategies and provide them with an opportunity to get advice from leaders in these fields. 

The event will include an introduction from artist Walead Beshty and contributions from Jim Walters, Daniel McCleanJaspar Chhachhi and Lorene Dixon which will be followed by a question and answer session. The Art Business event is the first in a series of events organized by Jim Walters and Daniel McClean  to provide ongoing professional and business advice to artists at all stages of their careers.

Jim Walters is a CPA and partner at Walters & Sklyar LLP, who advises an extensive network of artists and artists’ studios in the Los Angeles area on business formation, tax filing and tax planning. Jim advises on costing inventory, deductiblesand creating structures to maximize tax relief, as well on studio purchase, employment and property taxes.

Daniel McClean is a California qualified attorney and partner at the law firm, Cypress LLP (Los Angeles) and is a consultant to the London law firm, Howard Kennedy LLP (London). He advises artists and artists’ estates internationally, including on contracts, managing gallery relationships, intellectual property rights and legacy planning.

Jaspar Chhachhi is an insurance broker at Driesassur Insurance (New York) who specializes in fine art and helping artists insure their artwork and their studios. Jaspar has helped develop captive (self-insurance) products for artists.

Lorene Dixon is the owner of The Bookkeeping Boutique Inc. (Los Angeles) who specializes in bookkeeping for artists, helping them to record inventory, sales and expenses and assisting artists to obtain sales licenses.