MOMENT: Screenings
Pictures That Matter
July - August | 2016


Moving images and their methods of production, distribution and circulation represent one of the most potent visual meaning-making economies of our time. From the pixilated screens of our phones and computers to cyberspace, cinema and the museum, moving images traverse space with speed, intention and purpose--producing along the way a multiplicity of perspectives as they come into contact with diverse viewers and contexts. This presentation of moving image-based works gives insight into three different structures in which these forms exist and move in the world and highlights different approaches to their making. At the core of this program of viewing engagements and scenarios is an attempt to understand the changing responsibility of the image and its maker in our current moment and to situate the critical role images have amidst the visual clutter that shapes our daily lives. The artists, filmmakers, and creators included in this program continue to push the formal and conceptual possibilities of moving-images--asking us to continuously question their function and to reflect on how one today can make pictures that matter.


The Propeller Group (Vietnam/US)
The Living Need Light, The Dead Need Music
Wed. July 20, 2016, 7pm (Museo de Arte de Zapopan -- MAZ)

The Living Need Light, The Dead Need Music is a visual and musical journey through the fantastical funeral traditions and rituals of south Vietnam. The film attempts to engage in dialogue with funerary traditions that pulsate in the same vein throughout the Global South by merging documentary footage of actual funeral processions with stunning reenactments that bring the film into the realm of the abstract, poetic and metaphorical. This is a rumination on death and the lives that pay homage to it.


Black Radical Imagination (US)
The Third Root, Curated by Erin Christovale and Amir George
July 26, 2016, 7pm at Museo de Arte de Zapopan (MAZ) / July 27, 2016 at 8:30pm at Museo Taller Jose Clemente Orozco

The Afro-Latino acculturation has transcended through folktales, religion, medicinal practices, and of course music and dance. The curators of Black Radical Imagination have sought out short films and video content that further explore the Afro-Latino relationship through cinema.

July 26 Program:

Nana Dijo; Irresolute Radiography of Black Consciousness, Year: 2015, Running Time: 40 min., Dir: Bocafloja & Cambiowashere

July 27 Program:

Invisible Roots: Afro-Mexicans in Southern California, Year: 2016, Running Time: 21 min., Dir: Tiffany Walton & Lizz Mullis

XARA Yaocihuatl, Year: 2015, Running Time: 11 min., Donovan Vim Crony

Pineapple Diaries, Ep. 1, Year: 2015, Running Time: 30 min., Paloma Valenzuela


Kadist Collection (France/US)
Selections from the Kadist Collection
Aug. 16 - 18, 2016, 7pm, Museo de Arte de Zapopan (MAZ)

A selection of works drawn from the Kadist Collection presents a wide-range ofapproaches to producing moving images. Organized in thematic groupings, these works also imagine the collection as a dynamic research and teaching tool. Each student enrolled in the writing seminar of the 2016 TMR Academy taking place in Guadalajara in August will be assigned a grouping of works that they will use as a point of departure to write a critical response during the seminar. Students will explore the relationships between the works in their assigned grouping as they practice different methodologies of art writing to complete their response papers.  Each night, after the screenings, students will present their responses to audiences as public lectures.

August 16 Program:


Kara Walker, 8 Possible Beginnings or: The Creation of African-America, a Moving Picture, 2005, 15:57 min.

Beatriz Santiago-Muñoz, La Cabeza Mató a Todos, 2014, 7:30 min.s


Aslan Gaisumov, Volga, 2015, 4:11 min.

Chia Wei HSU, Marshal Tie Jia (Turtle Island), 2012, 6:30 min.

Yael Bartana, A Declaration, 2006, 7:30 min.

August 17 Program:


Gao Mingyan, City Golf, 2008, 3:59 min.

Steffani Jemison, Escaped Lunatic, 2010-2011, 8:57 min.

Halil Altindere, Wonderland, 2013, 8:25 min.


Bruce Conner, Easter Morning, 2008, 10 min.

Jennifer West, Dawn Surfer Jellybowl, 2011, 8:15min.

 August 18 Program


Marwa Arsanios, I’ve Heard Stories, 2008, 4:42 min.

Hayoun Kwon, Lack of Evidence, 2011, 10 min.

Takeshi Murata, OM Rider, 2013-2014, 11:39 min.


Enrique Ramirez, Un Hombre Que Camina, 2011-2014, 21:35 min.

Eamon Ore-Giron, Bite Work, 2011, 12:00 min.


Pictures That Matter is produced by The Mistake Room and organized in collaboration with PAOS and the Museo de Arte de Zapopan (MAZ). It is curated by Cesar Garcia, TMR Director and Chief Curator.



The Propeller Group is a collective based in Ho Chi Minh City and founded in 2006 by Phunam Tuc Ha, Matt Lucero, and Tuan Andrew Nguyen. Their multimedia works use the languages of advertising and politics to initiate conversations about power, propaganda and manipulation, especially as they relate to fallen Communist dictatorships and the rapid rise of capitalism in Vietnam and beyond. The Propeller Group's work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh (2015) and Grand Arts, Kansas City (2015). A survey exhibition of their work is currently on tour through 2018 at the MCA Chicago, the Blaffer Museum, Houston, and the Phoenix Art Museum. Their work has also been included in a host of major international exhibitions including the Lyon Biennial (2007), the Shanghai Biennial (2010), Made in L.A. (2012), The Ungovernables, The New Museum Triennial (2012); the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial (2012); the Guangzhou Triennial (2012), Prospect 3., New Orleans (2014), the Götenborg Biennial for Contemporary Art, Sweden (2015), and the 56th Venice Biennale (2015) among others.  They have participated in various prominent group exhibitions, most recently, No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY (2013) and Six Lines of Flight, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco (2012). Their work is in the collections of the Guggenheim Museum, NY; the Museum of Modern Art, NY; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; the Carnegie Museum; the New Orleans Museum of Art, LA; the Speed Museum, KY; the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane; and the Singapore Art Museum along with a wide-range of prominent private collections around the world.

Black Radical Imagination is a touring program of visual shorts that delve into the worlds of new media, video art, and experimental narrative. Black Radical Imagination focuses on the aesthetics of Afro-futurism, Afro-surrealism, and the magnificent through the context of cinema. Black Radical Imagination is curated by Erin Christovale and Amir George. Erin Christovale is a curator based in Los Angeles focusing on film/video within the African Diaspora. She graduated with a BA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and is the curator at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Amir George is a motion picture artist and film programmer born and bred in Chicago. Amir creates work for the cinema, installation, and live performance. His motion picture work and curated programs have been screened in festivals and galleries nationally and internationally. Amir is the founder of Cinema Culture, a grassroots film programming organization.

Kadist is a non-profit arts organization that believes the arts make a fundamental contribution to a progressive society. Its programs actively encourage the engagement of artists, often represented in its collection, with the important issues of today to promote their role as cultural agents. Kadist's collections and productions reflect the global scope of contemporary art, and its programs develop collaborations with artists, curators and many art organizations around the world. Local programs in Kadist's hubs of Paris and San Francisco, including exhibitions, public events, residencies and educational initiatives, aim at creating vibrant conversations about contemporary art and ideas.

Pictures That matter is made possible with the support of Casa Fayette, Ceramica Suro, and Colección Dieresis. In-kind support is provided by Cerveza Ventura.

Special thanks to our collaborating partners: Programa Anual de Open Studios (PAOS), Museo de Arte de Zapopan (MAZ), and Kadist.