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TMR connects you to people, places, and histories well beyond Los Angeles. Here you encounter the artists and creative makers who shape the art offer time and the new generation that is charting its future. Membership means bringing the work of practitioners of the imagination to life in meaningful ways and connecting deeper to contemporary art and the ideas that inform and inspire it. Our membership groups provide various opportunities for engagement and offer a host of benefits. We hope you'll consider making us a part of your life. 






TMR provides opportunities to connect your company or brand to a global audience of artists, curators, patrons, philanthropists, collectors, and cultural influencers who champion innovation in art, architecture, design, digital media, and other creative industries. We create uniquely tailored collaborations with our corporate partners to increase their visibility and impact in the contemporary art world. Sponsorship and corporate partnership benefits and recognition vary with each support opportunity. 

Please e-mail us at for more information on becoming a corporate sponsor. 


TMR appreciates and values the contribution of goods and/or services for any of programs and initiatives. Your gifts of products or time are an integral part of realizing our work. 

For information on upcoming events and in-kind giving opportunities please e-mailus at