The Mistake Room is pleased to present the second iteration of TMR a|s HUB featuring Guadalajara-based gallery, Páramo. For their project at The Mistake Room, titled Destroy All Your Humanity, Páramo will organize the first US exhibition of artist collective Gabinete Homo-Extraterrestre (Gabinete H-E). The collective is composed of Mexican artists José Luis Sánchez Rull (1964), Esteban Aldrete (1984), Cristian Franco (1980), Bayrol Jiménez (1984), Edgar Cobián (1978), Emanuel Tovar (1974), Enrique Nuño (1975), and Daniel Guzmán. 

The collective was formed in 2014. For their first project, titled La Llamada del Dios Extraño (The Call From The Strange God) and presented at Páramo in Guadalajara, each artist contributed videos, sculptures, drawings, mixed media works, music, and performances to a show conceived as a gathering of distinct and varying creative propositions. Their second project at the Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños in Oaxaca in 2015 served as a platform for the collective explore the revisionism of primitive gnostic thought and its parallel references to phenomena like UFO's, ghosts, and religious sects from the end of the century. The intention in this collaboration was to free, in a simple manner, the personality of each artist into the dark sea of collective-sect aesthetics that would function as a framework for the exhibition. The presentation encompassed the display of a visually compelling and prolific body of work characterized by their active and ongoing dialogue concerning spirituality, religion, art, and music. 

For their project in Los Angeles, the artists will produce a new body of work and a performance that evolves from objects and ideas that resulted from their first two collaborations. The exhibition, imagined as a kind of symbolic un-burial of some of the remains from their past projects, will aim to unearth concepts that inhabit the cosmic conscience of the collective: the duality of the human soul (good vs. evil); the "transcendental visions" of the human animal; and the paranormal archaeology of contemporary culture. Various concepts that were given form in previous performances have experienced transfigurations. Power imbued objects have returned to life for this occasion and transmuted into quasi-religious relics that reveal a renewed dialogue within myths that the collective has created. 

Using  these re-invented elements, the artists have also produced a new photographic series derived from private rituals and scenarios enacted in preparation for the exhibition as well as a host of instruments, appropriated Chacmool sculptures, mixed media works and mechanized objects. Together, the performers and their body of work will ultimately transform The Mistake Room into an active space in el Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles. 

Gabinete H-E: Destroy All Your Humanity is organized by Páramo, Guadalajara. 



TMR a|s HUB is an initiative that expands our mission as a genuinely global focal point in Los Angeles. TMR a|s HUB strives to challenge conventional support frameworks for the non-profit organization as it generates dynamic collaborations that collectively help us re-imagine the possibility of a new thoughtful, ethical, and forward-looking sustainability model for the independent arts institution. Occurring occasionally, this initiative will bring distinct cultural entities from other cities around the globe to Los Angeles for temporary moments of existence. Ranging from museums to non-collecting institutions, artist-run spaces and schools, galleries, publishing houses, public archives, music venues and events, and pop-up restaurants, TMR a|s HUB allows us to broaden our curatorial platform to showcase entire cultural spaces from other cities that are crucial to the well-being of the creative ecologies in which they exist. During each instance of TMR a|s HUB, The Mistake Room will also produce unique off-site exhibitions and projects throughout the city. These experimental curatorial spatialities will re-imagine the form of the exhibition itself with each iteration and be thematically organized to complement the ambitious solo commissions and presentations of our program.

All projects of TMR a|s HUB are independently produced and presented at The Mistake Room by our collaborating partners.

Photo Credit: Cary Whittier. Copyright 2016. Páramo and The Mistake Room Inc.